New American Woman
Book-Signing, November, 2010
Dee Maddis signing in. 
On hand to help. Gabriel Sfera, Meaghan Mapes, Rosemary Iiacavone.
Pat Evans, Gene Birch, and holding book - Irene Jaeger. 
The alumni Senate staff plus Katarzyna's baby, Angelina.
Senator Serphin Maltese, Constance
and Justice Joseph Golia.
Serphin Maltese, Constance,
Granddaughter Sondra and Daughter Leslie
Christ the King Art Class
(came in for lecture and exhibit)
Exhibit, Left Side
Exhibit, Center
Exhibit, Right side
Veronica Albert, and Constance
Second art class, looking at the pages
of the book
Two students from art class asking Constance  about her experience in commercial art
Students from the second art class,
and Constance
Students from the third art class
The different color shirts depict junior
from senior
Carly Nieves with her Mother, and Constance
Constance with her mentor, Dr. Anne Paolucci
The Models stand near their paintings:
Yvonne Plummer (With Loving Care) Pat Boccino (Lady of the Manor) Serphin, Constance, Joyce Lim (Woman in Finance) Anne Paolucci (Woman for All Seasons) former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman (mother of Astronaut Dr. Ellen Baker) Victoria Schneps-Yunis (Woman in Business)
Serphin Maltese, Rachel Jainchill,Constance,
Elba Di Angelo, Eddie Scheinberg.
Serphin, Constance, and NYC Comptroller
John Liu
Constance Del Vecchio Maltese stands in front of her paintings, with students from Christ The King High School.